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Watson acquires Actavis 
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Tendyne raises $9M in capital
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USNA researchers work to reduce concussions
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UM Researchers Bring Hope to Gaucher Patients

Researchers at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine have developed a new method of using adult stem cells to accelerate the discovery of cutting-edge treatments for Gaucher disease, a hereditary disorder that affects many of the body's organs and tissues. By reprogramming stem cells into cells that are genetically similar to and react to drugs in a similar fashion as cells with Gaucher do, scientists are able to take the stem cells and test the effectiveness of promising new therapies. This process allows drugs to be tested faster, more safely and with greater accuracy, and their findings have the potential to help patients with other neurodegenerative conditions including Parkinson’s disease.  


New and Expanding

MD Companies on the Move
Baltimore nanotechnology firm Pixelligent Technologies,signed a two-year, $500,000 Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the federal Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory to determine the effects of the company’s nanocrystals on motor oil efficiency. Pixelligent plans to double its staff to nearly 50 employees in 2013. In other company news, Cytomedix, developers of wound-healing products based on stem cells and platelets, will expand its Gaithersburg location by 3,000 square-feet with a $30,000 grant from the Montgomery County Department of Economic Development and a $22,000 grant from the City of Gaithersburg.  

Bio Breakthroughs
Saving Lives Across the Globe
In an advancement that could reverse a global health problem, a team at Johns Hopkins University have invented a simple, low-cost, and non-invasive device that can detect anemia early and save lives. Weighing less than four ounces, HemoGlobe is designed to convert the existing cellphones of health care workers into a “prick-free” system by placing the device’s sensor on a patient’s fingertip to identify patients with the dangerous blood disorder in developing nations. Anemia contributes to 100,000 maternal deaths and 600,000 newborn deaths annually.  

Capital & Funding
Advancing Cancer Treatment
Baltimore-based Gliknik, a biopharmaceutical company developing therapies for cancer and immune/inflammatory disorders, has raised $4.9 million in Series B funding led by Baxter Ventures. Gliknik will use the capital to bring GL-2045, an experimental drug designed to imitate effects of IV immunoglobulin, into clinical development as treatment for autoimmune conditions including the neuromuscular disorder Myasthenia gravis. 

Company Spotlight
Multiplexing Made Easy
Circulomics is leading the microRNA market with its innovative Ligo-miR assay platform which uses multiplexing technology to acquire an entire microRNA expression signature in a single streamlined assay. MicroRNA biomarkers have been propelled to the forefront of medical research based on their ability to accurately identify cancer and other disease states. Recently, the Baltimore biotech was awarded nearly $1M in non-equity funding by NIH and TEDCO to develop Ligo-miR and drive the rapid clinical translation of these promising biomarkers.   

Pharma Manufacturer Thrives in Salisbury
Since its 2006 opening, generic pharmaceutical manufacturer Jubilant Cadista has been a major stimulator of growth in Wicomico County. In 2011, the company rolled out 1.3 billion pills on-site and plans to produce nearly one million more this year. Last month alone, the company issued 151 million pills to major pharmacy retailers including CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens. As a direct result of Gov. O’Malley’s recent trade mission to India, Jubilant Cadista plans to invest $20 million to triple its warehouse space, create a new corporate headquarters in Salisbury and increase its workforce by several dozen.   

MBC News
2013 BIO Int’l Convention Update
Join the BioMaryland Pavilion in Chicago at the 2013 BIO International Convention, April 22-25th and network with more than 4,000 companies representing 16,000 decision makers taking part in nearly 25,000 partnering meetings. Contact DBED's Tiffany Sargent to reserve your space and learn more about sponsorship opportunities. Please take our Sponsor & Exhibitor survey now! 

Featured Event

TCM Montgomery County Legislative Breakfast
December 6 | Gaithersburg

Attendees will have the opportunity to speak face-to-face with legislators from Montgomery County, hear about the Tech Council of Maryland’s policy priorities and learn about the major issues for the 2012 legislative session.  Learn more.

Secondary event
Angel Venture Forum
December 12 | Washington, DC
Propel your company and your investments forward by attending AVF 2012 to meet the right team of investors representing more than 30 active investor groups, early stage funds, family offices, accelerators and incubators.  Learn more.
Secondary event
Tech Transfer Speaker Series
December 12 | Rockville

This month hear from NIH Office of Technology Transfer’s Steven M. Ferguson and Mark Rohrbaugh as they discuss, "The NIH Deal of Distinction: Using Innovative Public-Private Partnerships in the Battle Against HIV/AIDS." Learn more.
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